For Price Per Person Packages + Customized Menus (over 40 guests)

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Slow-Smoked Jalapeņo Poppers
Stuffed with a cream cheese, pulled pork and BBQ sauce filling and wrapped in bacon and slow-smoked
BBQ Meatballs
Beef meatballs tossed in our BBQ Sauce
Smoked Chicken Wings
Dry-rubbed or tossed in your choice of Buffalo, BBQ, Spicy BBQ, Teriyaki, Sweet Chili or
Parmesan Garlic Sauce
Chicken Skewers
BBQ, Teriyaki or Buffalo
Served only with on-site smoker option
Grilled Shrimp
Dry-rubbed and finished with a butter garlic sauce
Served only with on-site smoker option
Mixed Greens Salad
Caesar Salad
Redskin Potato Salad
Tri-Color Pasta Salad
BBQ Baked Beans
Macaroni & Cheese
Grilled Vegetables
Collard Greens
Green Beans
Corn on the Cob (in season)
Chopped Beef Brisket
Pulled Pork
St. Louis Ribs
Chicken Drumsticks & Breasts
Pulled Chicken
Whole Chickens, Quartered
Hot Dogs
Salmon with a Maple Butter Glaze
Served only with on-site smoker option
Pasta Primavera with Roasted Vegetables
Smoked Portobello Mushrooms
Garnished with tomatoes, provolone cheese, basil and drizzled with a balsamic reduction
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